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Did I ask tho 

Online Shops and Discount Codes ~


This is for all you online shopaholics  ^^ Please check out the stores ;-; If you happen to buy anything and use my discount code I shall reward you in some way :3 

Himi Store [Storenvy] (J-fashion, Asian fashion, Lolita/Cosplay)

Discount code: coco 5 [5%off]

Hello Sweetie [Website]  (Fashion, Korean Cosmetics, Accessories)

Discount code: coco14 [10% off]

MimiPetitDeco  [Etsy] (Handmade Decoden Cases) 

Discount code: sweetcocopuffs [15% off]

Spreepicky [Storenvy] (Asian Fashion, Cosplay/Lolita) 

Discount code: coco10 [10% off orders over 30USD]

Naomilk Store [Storenvy] (Pre-owned items + Kawaii Items)

Discount code: sweetcocopuffs [5% off]

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Check out 'shops' for more ♡